Thai Bumebime Handmade Soap White Natural Soap Whitening Bath and Body Engineering Fruit Essential Oil Soap

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Item Type: Soap
Type of soap: handmade soap
Quantity PC 1PCS Shower Soap
Model: whitening smooth skin anti-aging
Net weight: as shown in the project
Ingredients: Essential Oil Fruit
Glutathione skin: whitening soap dye
Type: Whitening soap
Type 2 ial facial cleansing
Category 3: face soap

Type 4: Whit Whitening Soap Skin

Start with the first use and make your skin more radiant.
Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.
Heal the scars and fade.
Getting rid of bacteria can cause acne.
Bim Bum soap is made from natural extracts.
Snail mud extract. The special function is to help heal and nourish, heal wounds or scars, make them fade and completely disappear.
Honey extract.
Leaves skin soft & moisturized
AHA acid from citrus fruits. The special function is to remove dead skin cells and make the skin fair and shiny.
Use the Bumebime Soap to clean your skin regularly - morning and evening.
After peeling, the new skin will naturally turn white.
Helps heal stretch marks and dilute dark spots.
From natural extracts and collagen.
Mixes a variety of vitamins to nourish the skin.
FDA approved safety substances.
Remove skin from the first use.
Softens and moisturizes skin
Apply soap to the skin to create bubbles. If there are no signs of allergies, rub BUBBLES (not soap) on the skin for 2-3 minutes, then rinse off. Do not use lotion because it already makes your skin look smooth and healthy.


Witch hazel extract, ginseng, fruit extract, snail. bee. Strawberry ext Ract, tomato extract, collagen

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