Multifunctional breathable baby back

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Size: Waist Full Length: 125* Shoulder Width: 9*64cm

Multifunctional baby carrier

[Applicable age] 0-30 months


Extra-wide thickened V-shaped shoulder strap: The V-shaped double shoulder strap can reduce the shoulder burden when held straight;

Full-enclosed head guard: it can safely protect the baby's head;

Cushion: The new horizontal embrace design, the increase in the waist part can gently protect the baby's waist;

Curved head guard: It does support the baby's back head, avoid bending or unnecessary pressure when holding it horizontally;

Headgear: simple operation and disassembly to protect the unstable head, also has a sunshade function to avoid direct sunlight to stimulate the baby's eyes;

Size adjustment zipper: Adjust the shoulder depth of the strap to match the baby's physique;

Retaining ring: one-touch back buckle, simple operation;

Safety buckle and side buckle: Because the safety buckle and side buckle are easy to operate, they can easily allow the baby to carry the strap up and down even when holding it directly;

Breathable material: Breathable material is used on the abdomen and buttocks, which is comfortable and comfortable. It is also a strap that makes people love it, the real thing is more luxurious and generous, and the super popular baby strap,

【Product Description】According to the ergonomic principle, the extra-wide shoulder strap and the extra-wide waist strap balance the weight sharing;

The unique detachable head cap design effectively protects the newborn baby's head, and can also keep warm and windproof.

The sun protection function, the main fabric adopts environmental protection breathable mesh cloth, good ventilation performance, safe and comfortable!

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