High Definition Aerial Remote Control UAV

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Charging time: 90 to 100 minutes

Flight time: 6-8 minutes

Range of remote control: 100 to 120 meters

Fuselage battery: 600MAh 3.7V

Size :32 * 32 * 8


Go up, down, forward, back, left, right, left, right, right, right, right, 360 degrees in the air, hands off

1. 2.4G wireless remote control distance and flight height are about 80 to 100 meters, with anti-jamming capability, supporting multiple aircraft simultaneously flying!

2. Use the six axis gyroscope, automatic reset, can hand throw, flight more stable, control more sensitive, easier!

3. Four-rotor aircraft, smooth flight, easy to complete all kinds of special effects flight, stronger wind resistance!

4. Unique blade protection shell, prevent fan blade from hurting children, while reducing fan blade wear!

5, a key roll, 360 degree flip the stunt more exciting!

6. The four channels can be up, down, left, right, back and forth, hovering, 360-degree rotation, etc.

7. Controlled LED light, one key to realize the light switch, the four wings and the fuselage have gorgeous colors!

8. High and low speed mode, vulgar mode is suitable for beginners, high-speed mode is suitable for skilled people, suitable for crowd wide!

9. Aviation plastic material, stable chemical performance, not easy to corrosion, anti-fall performance good, wear resistant, not easy to age!

10. Charging protection function, has the charging protection function, prevents the battery overcharge, prolongs battery life!

11. Aerial photography, supporting aerial video, recording and taking photos

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