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D2 model SB - 8620

Scope home routing

The frequency range of 5-1000mhz is whether the built-in firewall is

Model: 8620 d2

Voltage: 220 ~

Bandwidth: 45-860mhz

Power: 2 w

Gain: 20 soil 5dB

Slope: 3 db

Attachment: 5F head clamping ring

Size: 85* 58*30mm

The difference between an allocator and a branch

1. Different nominal

Allocator label: - one IN input, all others are OUT output (equal allocation)

The branch name: - one IN output, - one OUT output, and multiple BR outputs

The OUT of the branch represents: output to the next branch or distributor, the output outlet attenuation is very small, ensuring the next - road

There is enough signal, the BR of the brancher indicates: output with the same signal strength, this attenuation number is more.

2. Different USES

Splitter purpose: the splitter outputs to each port with the same signal strength.

Normally, allocators are used, such as: two-allocation, three-allocation, four-allocation, etc.

Branch purpose: the output of the branch is unbalanced, the main signal is strong OUT of the output, the branch signal is weak

Signal bifurcator output BR port of the same signal strength), general purpose: there are many homes or hotel rooms

Use the same - path signal.

Method of use

Splitter installation: input IN connect signal source, output connect each OUT.

Splitter installation: large attenuation must be placed close to the amplifier, in order to reduce (e.g.

210.210, last use allocator).

Each OUT is the next - way distributor or branch, and each BR is the output to the television.

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