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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Features: Autofocus can improve efficiency, convenient and fast, more convenient when using portrait capture and real-time video.
Full HD 1080P, high-definition picture display, and provide you with a better life.
Built-in digital microphone: Built-in 8-meter omnidirectional microphone, which can absorb sound and reduce noise, clear calls and easy voice chat.
High-quality digital microphone, automatic noise reduction, free to use in noisy conditions.
Ideal for meetings, video calls, live streaming, recording, gaming...
High-definition, no driver required: no driver, plug and play, support consumer computer systems, such as notebook computers, XP, Vista, win7, win8, win10, Apple systems, etc.
*Autofocus technology: Full HD 1080P performance allows real-time realistic multimedia streaming. Because it is equipped with high-definition autofocus, it can be fine-tuned according to the light. Even if there is not enough light, it can still produce a clear image. Autofocus eliminates embarrassing scenes in which the lens must repeatedly adjust the focus manually. When connected to a computer, the camera's auto focus will be clearly displayed regardless of distance, and you can adjust the focus in time to make the image clear.
*Network cameras do not need to install drivers anytime, anywhere, plug and play. It can be used with Windows and XP operating systems, and can be used immediately, so there is no need to define specific drivers or software.
*Universal multiple live broadcast platforms and K song software: Yingke live broadcast, Douyin, Kuaishou live broadcast, small volcano video, beauty shot, Chinese pepper live broadcast, Panda TV, betta fish, etc. Applicable to popular K song software, Kugou music, Baidu music, QQ music, network cloud music, Shami music, etc.
*When you miss your family, you can use our webcam to chat with your family. Vivid video brings you a good visual experience. The easiest way to discuss key issues with other team members is to use our PC camera. The built-in noise reduction microphone can pick up your voice and filter out background noise.

*Various uses: live game live broadcast, TV conference, online live broadcast, educational live broadcast, video call.

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